Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time for a PJ Party!!!

Ok Ladies (and Gents if you are watching) is time for our Saturday Night PJ Party! Join us over the next few weeks as we go on our Prayer Journey: PJ! Be sure to leave comments, share insights, as we grow closer to each other and God. We can't wait to hear from you as we party together on this prayer journey.

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  1. Incredible! There is power in HIS name. Definitely a nugget to think about, "hallowed." Hallowed is HIS name. It is to be held in reverence and holy awe. Sometimes we read scripture or just recite something from memory without really taking the time to ponder on the impact of the Word. The name of Jesus does deserve our reverence and awe. I have personally experienced huge changes in my life through prayer. The Lord's prayer is a model for us to seek HIM in all things. Prayer is an act of total confidence and assurance of HIS plan and HIS purpose! Let the prayer journey begin!