What We Do


The mission of SHINE goes so much farther than being real. We want to create a safe environment where you can foster friendships with other people like you. It is our desire to help you become the person you need to be and challenge you to help those around you. SHINE wants to fill you with the urge and ability to become a successful individual. SHINE will be with you to encourage your growth and provide you the resources you need for educational, moral and social instruction in each area of your life.

We hope to provide you with discipleship tools, resources, encouragement, and inspiration to help you in your spiritual journey through the five principles in the structure of SHINE: Share, Help, Inspire, Nurture, and Educate. We hope that as you develop these principles in your spiritual journey, you and those around you will see the face of Christ SHINE through your eyes and heart.

Each principle is equally important in the success of the ministry.  Although each principle is of equal importance, the “I” stands for “INSPIRE” which is the focus of SHINE. It is our desire to inspire you by filling you with the urge to want to serve God wholeheartedly; to encourage you in your walk; to help you find breath, a new breath in your relationship with God. The “I” in SHINE is the most important part because only “I” can make the decision to “arise and shine.” 

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