Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Maintenance Cream

Did you put on your make-up this morning? Did you take time to try to make yourself look beautiful? Did you use that special cream on your face this morning or last night? Was it age defying? Rejuvenating? Revitalizing? Is it supposed to give your skin a lift? Feel refreshing?

As I was laying in bed this morning listening to the falling rain, I decided to take time to listen to God. He spoke to me about my maintenance routine. On my way to work every morning, I make sure I use my special face cream, brush on a little powder, and put on my lipstick. I don't go anywhere without it.

Conviction seeps into my heart this morning. What kind of spiritual maintenance am I so faithful about? Ouch! Think about your own life today. Do you need to be more beautiful in your actions? Do you need rejuvenated? Revitalized? Refreshed? Do you need a lift?

Maybe you and I both need to focus on our spiritual beauty as much as our physical beauty. Maybe we need to use that spiritual preventative cream a little more often. This is my challenge to you. As you put on your make-up every day, let it be a reminder..."Did I put on my spiritual make-up?" If you don't spend any other time with God in the day, take the moments that you are working so hard on your outer beauty and spend that time in prayer. We need our spiritual maintenance cream far more than anything physical. Take time to read and listen to God today...He is the secret to youth, because with Him... we never die!