Sunday, June 27, 2010

Looking Back

Hello everyone. It has been quite sometime since my last post and I have REALLY been struggling with knowing what to post. Part of the problem, I am sure, is because I have personally been going through some trials. Today has especially been a hard day for me. I have just been in prayer all day for God to remind me of what it is HE wants for me. You know when you are down, that is when Satan just wants to kick you in the stomach and keep you there. Whatever it is that Satan is trying to use for defeat in your life right now, God is ready to use for victory!

So, in the neat way God works, I stumbled over an old blog I wrote. I forgot I even had it. I have copied and pasted what I wrote back in July of 2008. For some reason I felt like it wasn't only something I needed today, but maybe you can benefit from it as well... God bless!

Late Night Temptations

God has really been working in my life. He has given me strength to overcome and mercy when I have not been successful. Lately I have been so excited about the misitry God is putting together through me that I can hardly stand it.

It is really neat to think that this ministry isn't a hand-me-down. It isn't something handed over to me from someone who didn't want it. It isn't something I would rather not accept. It isn't something to hide in the corner. It is something that God made.. brand new... just for me to use to serve Him. As each piece to the puzzle comes together, I seem to grow more and more in strength. The temptations that used to cause my emotions to knock me down and control me are not nearly as "tempting" as they used to be.

Don't get me wrong. Temptation is just as strong. The difference is that I am becoming more aware. I am seeing the better side of doing what God wants rather than what I want. I am seeing the benefits of waiting on His timing rather than my own. I am growing.

I was so proud of myself last night over a very wise decision I had made. It was a choice to avoid the opportunity for temptation. It was a choice that I didn't necessarily want to make, but knew there was a better reason for it. Some things are worth waiting for. I was able to put away Satan's offer to entice and put me in a situation where I may weak. I know that really BITES for him! LOL

You know, if Satan can't defeat you while you are fully awake when you are at your best, he tried to catch you off guard. Nothing like a late night phone call to get the temptations rising. Satan is smart and sneaks up on you. In my half asleep state, normally I would have fallen right into the temptation... willingly. But God gave me stregnth! Not only was I able to avoid temptation, but I used the time of interrupted sleep to spend some extra time with God.

What Satan wanted to use for defeat, God turned into victory! What can be better than that!