Sunday, January 9, 2022

More Mercies


I love the scripture that tells us, “His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness.” For me, it gives me a sense of new beginnings and hope in all those times of failure. 

As we are at the start of another new year, I find myself fighting not to focus on all the areas where I’ve failed over the years and be hopeful of the new progress I want to make. It’s especially hard when I look at things like this blog and the neglected ministry opportunities I may have missed through the years of inconsistency. 

Maybe, for me, the scripture should read, “More are His mercies. Great is His faithfulness.” At times I feel like I’m asking God to forgive me for the same things over and over. His mercies haven’t changed where they need to be new… I just need more because it happens again and again. It’s easy to feel defeated and wonder if there’s been any growth at all over the years.

Then, it rings out in a beautiful anthem… “GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!” It’s not about my faithfulness. It’s not about my failures. Whether His mercy is new each day or He just gives more and more each day, one thing remains. Great is His faithfulness!

Hopefully you won’t have to wait another 5+ years to see another post on here from me. Hopefully this time I can find discipline to be constant in my encouragement. Hopefully today will be a new era in my spiritual growth. Hopefully today will be a new beginning for SHINE to become the ministry God birthed over 15 years ago. Hopefully I will see God’s calling come to fruition. But no matter what, Great is His faithfulness and I will trust in His timing and mercy.