Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Please don't sigh! I know when many hear the word "Revelations" they think of the last book of the Bible that is so difficult for many to understand. It has been said that it is the most difficult book to decipher. This may be true, but I want to look at the word "revelation" and what it means. While doing this, it may actually give you some insight on howto actually understand the book of "Revelations" as well.

Our N-house cell group at church has been studying the book of Galatians. I am so enjoying Bible study and not only relishing the new insights God is giving me, but the wisdom of my brothers and sisters in Christ as they read as well.

One of the ways God has been helping me to dig deeper into His Word is to actually go back to the Greek and Hebrew to discover the true meanings of various words and how they are used. This has been so interesting. So many things have a totally different intention, or at least broader meaning than we gather by quickly reading through the scripture.

These are the verses that struck me: "I want you to know, brothers, that the gospel I preached is not something that man made up. I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ." -Galatians 1:11-12

How did Paul know the TRUE gospel? By revelation!

Now if you are like me, you probably read this and think like I did. Ok, so Paul knows that it is a true gospel cause Jesus showed it to him... he revealed it to him. God was like, "OK man... I want you to get it straight. Here is the true gospel... it is right here. I am showing it to you. I revealed it, it had nothing to do with you."

Let me share with you what I found by doing my digging:

The word "revelation" is the Greek word apokalupsis . It's actual definition means : appearing, an uncovering, revealed. It is from the word apokaluptó which means: to reveal, to uncover. Do you see that there isn't one definition to this word? It is a two fold meaning.

Here is what God showed me in this study. A revelation is two fold. #1 Appearing which was an act done by God and #2 an uncovering which was Paul’s searching for. Even the root word is two fold: uncover (I must do) and reveal (God must do).

When God truly reveals Himself to you, or when He reveals something about His will get the most revelation from it when you have actually be searching for the answer. When I dig deep and try to uncover the true meaning behind the scripture, then God reveals what He really wants me to see and know.

Are you asking God for revelation on some area of your life today? Are you reading the Bible, let's just say maybe Revelations, and need to understand it better? Do you need "Revelations" in your life today?

Maybe it is time to stop waiting on God to just "magically" appear and reveal while you sit around and wait. Maybe what God is wanting you to do today is look deeper, uncover a few things for yourself so that when He does reveal something to you, you will know it is truly a revelation from Him.

It is amazing what can be revealed to you when you join forces with God and really make an effort at uncovering His Word and His will for your life!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Apple of God's Eye

You're the apple of my eye! You've heard it before. And if you have grown up in church I know you have been told that you are the apple of God's eye as well. But what does that really mean? We al know from the context of how the phrase has been used over and over again that it represents favor. But why?

If you were able to attend the last SHINE event, you already have some insight on this phrase. We were amazed the more and more we learned about this old phrase as it gave us a new meaning to God's love for us. Let me just share...

Moses talks to the people of Israel in Deuteronomy 32:10 as he tells them how God has cared for them. Then, in Psalm 17:8 David asks God to keep him as the "apple of the eye" and guard him. And in Proverbs 7:2 we are told to keep God's commandments as the apple of our own eyes.

So what exactly is the apple of the eye? The Greek word used for "apple" is actually the same word for pupil. So when God tells us to guard his commandments like the apple of our eye, that means as we would protect our pupil.

Let's look and see what is so important about the pupil and why we need to protect it. Look at these interesting facts and spiritual symbolisms for the pupil.
  • The pupil gets wider in the dark, but narrower in the light.
  • When we are walking in the light (of Jesus) our path becomes narrower, but when we are walking in darkness... the way is wide.

  • The larger the pupil, the more light can enter.
  • The "larger" we grow in Christ, the more His light is able to enter.

  • The pupil of the eye is the hole or the opening of the iris, through which the rays of light pass, and falling upon the retina, there depict every object in its natural color, as upon a piece of white paper.
  • The more we allow God's light to shine on our life, the more we are able to see things as they really are (in their natural color).

  • The pupil allows light to the retina where the image of the visual world is. The retina is like a film camera.
  • What is showing on the films of your life? How much of God's light are you letting in?

  • The pupil dilates in response to extreme emotional situations like fear and pain.
  • Isn't it easy to shrink in our faith/confidence in God when we are dealing with extreme emotional situations as well?

There are many other facts that we discovered and shared about the pupil, but the one most interesting fact was found after our event. It is so interesting and such an example of God's love for us, that I have to share it.

The original Hebrew for this idiom was 'iyshown 'ayin (אישון עין), and can be literally translated as "Little Man of the Eye." This is a reference to the tiny reflection of yourself that you can see in other people's pupils.

[You are the Apple of God's Eye:
You are the Little Man(or Woman) of His Eye]

When God Looks at You, He Sees the reflection of himself! That was His plan. That is what it means when you hear that you are the apple of His eye. Now here is the hard question... ARE YOU? Can He see His reflection on your life? Are you mirroring Jesus?

God loves us so much. We are the apples of His eye.. but He also wants us to hold His commands as the apple of our eyes as well. Let's think about the wonderful love God has for us and learn to have a love relationship with Him. He promises to love and protect us as the apple of His eye, and we must love right back by protecting His commands as the apple of ours.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Last Minute Changes

I have been so behind on posts, but hope to get better ONE DAY! :O)

The SHINE event for today has been canceled, but for those of you who would still like to get together...Hot dogs and fellowship at my house today at 5. We will still talk about being the apple of God's eye and maybe even get a taste of some kind of apple dessert.

My house is a mess, and I am not prepared for company, but isn't that what SHINE is all about... being real?!?! Well, if you want to see reality at its finest, come and hang out! See you all there!