Suggested Reading

"It is in the heart of every person to want God, but life gets loud and we forget Him. We get consumed by our problems, our desires, ourselves. We forget our first encounter with the Savior and how much we once wanted Him…the way we believed He could use our life…the fulfillment He provides that everyday life cannot."

"This is why we must remember. We must identify the things that keep us from wanting Him most. We must seek the soul revival that will once and for all change our life. If we want God, we can have Him, and I Want God shows us how."

"A guidebook, a teacher and a resource, all in one, I Want God brings rich simplicity to life-altering principles. With her signature boldness and raw authenticity, author and speaker Lisa Whittle inspires with bottom line truth about what happens when life gets off track and how to find our way back to the God we want most."

Did you know there is a difference in being a strong woman and a woman of strength? This book will show you how to submit to the need for being strong and depend on God for your strength. It doesn't matter what you've done or where you've been; what matters to God is what you are becoming! Find your strength today!

Who could write your love story any better than God himself? This book is wonderful for anyone who is single and looking. From the high school teen looking for true love to the middle aged divorcee that wants the "right one" this time. The stories and tips to handing the pen over to God is a great encouragement to any single person.

How many roles do you fill? This book gives wonderful insight into not only juggling our many roles as women, but also how God views them. Nothing like reading a book where the author calls you "girlfriend." An easy read with much insight.