Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yes, I did. I said CRAP and I am a Christian. If that word offends you, forgive me, but I will make my point!

I have been SLOWLY getting some flower beds planted. Now I am not a green thumb and I have NO idea what I am really doing. I have had a few friends give me advice and help me along the way. But honestly, I know NOTHING.

One friend suggested that along with the special dirt I bought, you know that exspensive potting soil, that I get some compost to mix in the dirt. Now you and I know that is just a big bag of crap! As someone that isn't well informed on the processes and science of gardening I initially would think, "Why in the world should I pay $10 for a bag of seasoned soil to ruin it with a $1.50 bag of crap?" Now, I am not that ignorant and I grew up enough in the country to know that somehow that bag of crap acts as fertilizer and inspires growth.

Now I know that word sounds crude the longer I say it. But I want to make a point. What kind of crap do you have in your life? What compost do you want to get rid of? What things have you experienced that just really stink? Why mix the crap of our lives with the good soil? Why not just flush it all down the toilet and forget about it? (Oh my mother is going to have to fuss about this one! LOL She really didn't raise me to be this crude!)

Back to the question... why is the crap in our lives still important?

Isaiah 58:12 says, " You'll use the old rubble of past lives to build anew, rebuild the foundations from out of your past." This verse has become so important in my christian growth. God has shown me that a big part of my growth as a woman of God is because of the crap in my life. I am to rebuild on it. Just like we plant flowers in dirt mixed with compost, the ruins from our life help fertilize us and inspire our growth.

We all have a lot of crap...stuff that our past. But as I am seeing daily, that stuff is what nurtures our growth and helps not only our growth, but the growth of others with whom we are willing to share the stories. How about thanking God today for the crap in your life! I know it sounds horrible.. but it is what makes your growth so significant.

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