Friday, October 25, 2013

Bible Study Resources

Are you ready to dig into the book of James? Before we get started on our Bible study, I want to share as many of the resources that I can with you, so that you can start becoming familiar with them as well. Don't be alarmed, it won't be as hard as you might think... especially if you grew up as I did.

I can remember my mom preparing for her Sunday school lesson when I was little. She would have stacks of books laying around the bed: commentaries, Bible dictionaries, atlases, the lesson quarterly, etc. I wondered how in the world she could ever figure out how to use all those resources to get the information she needed. Thankfully, we live in the generation of the internet and instant access to a vast number of FREE tools.

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dummies Guide to Being a Christian

There are "Dummies" guides out there for everything. We are familiar with the yellow and black manuals that tell us step by step processes for whatever it is we need to learn, know about, repair...whatever we need to be informed about, there is a "Dummies" guide for it. Wouldn't it be wise, if I want to learn how to be a better Christian, to get my hands on one of those books?

That may be harder than you think. The picture you see here isn't an actual book, but a Photoshop creation. Yes, there are book on Christianity for Dummies, etc... but why go to a book like that when we can consult a better source?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Seasons of Silence

Have you ever felt like you were at a loss for words? …or at least when it was important? I tend to have plenty to say in the unimportant moments. Yes, those moments seem important to me. I am defending my actions, declaring my rights, or proclaiming my views. But, are those really the important moments. Are those maybe the moments I need to learn to embrace a season of silence instead?