Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dummies Guide to Being a Christian

There are "Dummies" guides out there for everything. We are familiar with the yellow and black manuals that tell us step by step processes for whatever it is we need to learn, know about, repair...whatever we need to be informed about, there is a "Dummies" guide for it. Wouldn't it be wise, if I want to learn how to be a better Christian, to get my hands on one of those books?

That may be harder than you think. The picture you see here isn't an actual book, but a Photoshop creation. Yes, there are book on Christianity for Dummies, etc... but why go to a book like that when we can consult a better source?

James is the one book in the Bible whose constant theme circles around Christian living. And who better to consult? The brother of Christ himself. I am sure that James has some great tips on being "just like Jesus". The book of James is practical advice for the day to day journey of the Christian walk.

I have recently began a study in James again, and thought what better way to grow in my consistency with SHINE and the work God has called me to, but to share the journey through James with you. I hope you will take into consideration that sharing is a two-way street, so as you read these studies, I hope you will join in and make your own observations as well. Share your thoughts, challenge yourself, challenge me. Let's prayerfully grow individually and together as a body of believers through the study of James.

I am no expert. Yes, I have been to Bible College, but those years and memories have expired along with the tiny waistline I had back in "the day". God has been molding me and downloading some neat new ways to study His Word over the last year or so. Hopefully this study will allow me to share some of those with you as well as perfect our ability to dig into His Word and feed ourselves, rather than depending on our pastors and leaders to keep doing the work for us. This is meant to be an interactive study... so interact!

Prayerfully, with God's help, I will be making a post every Friday morning. This will give us all about a week to study and process what we are learning. The first few posts I'll show you some of the amazing resources I have been utilizing and share insights God has given me, then we'll start digging into the scripture on November 8th. I'll look forward to learning techniques God has given you to devour His Word as well. I'm so excited to dig in. Will you join me?

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