Friday, February 19, 2010

Blind Faith

I was driving down the interstate a week or so ago... listening to my praise music and having my morning conversation with God. My Daddy (God) and I were having this discussion on how I really did believe Him, I just didn't trust my own judgement in knowing WHEN it was Him talking and when it was my own thoughts and desires.

I have struggled in my christian walk in the area of knowing God's voice. I want so passionately to serve God and to do His will that I get so wrapped up in the possibility of missing His will, it is almost like I can't even discern it. I have recently learned in a class I am taking at church that one of Satan's best weapons is demonic oppression. Now that isn't some big evil demon looming like a black cloud over you and some of you may think. Demonic oppression is when Satan uses your own voice to condemn you with the things that used to be true about you or you believe to be true about you. WOW... boy, that makes me think about what they say about you aren't crazy for talking to yourself, but it's when you answer yourself that we get worried!

Anyway... so obviously Satan was trying to oppress me. He knows that I WANT to hear God's voice. He knows that I was hearing God's voice. He knows that I was going to listen to God's voice. So now, his only option in order to keep me oppressed was to confuse me with my own voice, wondering if I was really hearing God or if it was Christina talking.

So, here I am driving along talking to God about just learning to believe Him. (You see my issue isn't believing He CAN do something, it is believing that He WANTS to do it for me.) I was trying to convince God that it wasn't an issue of faith. "I trust you God. I really do!"


"What? Close my eyes Lord? Are you crazy? I am driving! There is a tractor trailer on each side of me! I will let you drive me Lord... but I would be INSANE to close my eyes! What if I drove off the side of the road? What if I wrecked? What would people say? I can just hear my mother now. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!?"


Do you see what was happening? God wasn't wanting me to close my eyes physically, although, if He had told me to close them... He WOULD have taken care of me. Here is what God wanted me to see. He doesn't want me to sit in the passenger seat as He drives me through life. That's too easy.. that really isn't faith. I KNOW God knows what HE is doing. What God wants me to do is take the wheel of my life. He wants me to let Him sit right there in the passengers seat. Then, he wants me to sit there, put the car in drive and drive. There are times, He is going to say, "CLOSE YOUR EYES CHILD AND LISTEN TO MY VOICE. I AM GIVING THE DIRECTIONS NOW." Can you imagine having SO much trust in someone that you would drive a car on the interstate with your eyes closed and trust that they could get you to your destination safely?

What is it that you are dealing with today? Do you have BLIND FAITH? God is right beside you. He wants you to know His voice. He wants you to trust HIS voice. If you can trust a GPS to give you the best route to a destination why now use your spiritual GPS ... God Plain & Simple! He WANTS you to drive. He just wants you to listen to Him and be able to close your eyes and trust His direction.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, "Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He WILL direct your paths." Let God direct your paths today. Have enough Blind Faith to know it is Him.