Saturday, September 11, 2010

PJ Party: Names of God

Ah... I am late getting to the party!! Nothing unusual! You would think that I could do better virtually. Learn how knowing the names of God can enhance your prayer life. I hope you all will share how knowing specific names of God help you in your prayer life as well.


  1. This was a very powerful message that spoke volumes to me. How beautiful to embrace the very nature and character of God through His names. I accept your challenge to get to know God slowly and intimately.

    It has become my personal quest to know all I can about our Abba Father. I cannot make up for the time I have lost, but going forward, I can and will do all that I am able to do to know Him more deeply and personally.

    Thanks so much for this - your heart-word. It was real!


  2. Ah... Abba Father! What a beautiful name. Thank you for making that statement about making up for time missed... we can't make up for it, but HE can. It is my prayer that we can all grow more deeply in love with Him as we grow together. Thanks for your wonderful insight again Kim!