Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OMG...New Thoughts on Old Habits

In this age of BRB, TTYL, and OMG we like to shorten any phrase we can to make it quicker and easier to express what we are truly wanting to say. But are we even thinking about what we are really saying with even our abbreviations? This week in our Prayer Journey we are talking about the first line of The Lord's Prayer... "Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name."

Hallowed. We talked earlier that "hallowed" means to honor as holy, to be greatly revered or respected. As I was praying this morning, God nudged my heart about an old habit of mine and gave me some new thoughts on it. I am a computer buff! I love to IM, Facebok, and text to communicate with friends. I am quick to type BRB, TTYL and yes, OMG! But is OMG keeping God's name hollowed? Am I honoring God as holy by spitting out OMG, saying "gosh", or even "gee wiz"?

I have to say I never really gave much thought to those sayings, because I knew in my heart I wasn't trying to "take God's name in vain." But today, God really pricked my heart as to whether or not I was keeping His name hallowed.

You know we hear the verse I quoted all the time in reference to God's name. But I found a new verse today that set in the conviction of my old habit in an entirely new way. Psalm 139:20 says, "For they speak against You wickedly;Your enemies take Your name in vain." Oh my! I do not want to be an enemy of God. Do you?

Here is my thought for today as we learn more about prayer and learning who God is. If I am saying OMG.. even in texts, am I really and truly holding God's name as hallowed? And if using God's name in vain makes me an "enemy" of God... then how effective are my prayers? Ouch!

This is not going to be an easy habit to break, but I want to honor God and keep His name hallowed not just with my speech, but with my texting, IMing, and messaging as well. Our Father which art in heaven, help us keep your name hallowed today!


  1. I loved this message! It spoke on so many levels, not just the immediately evident.

    It is so easy to become comfortable with saying and doing certain things, but one must ask herself whether what she is doing (and/or saying) is honoring God or dishonoring Him.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Good job, baby girl. Love you.

  3. It is all God! Kim you are so right! Let us never be comfortable in living in our flesh. Thanks for the comments!