Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SHINE Challenge: Day 7

I can't believe a week has passed already! How are you doing with your reading?  I have been reading everyday, but once you fall behind, it seems almost impossible to catch up. Especially when you don't make it a priority. I need some encouragement to stick with it. Is anyone else feeling that way?

It isn't that I don't want to read... cause that I am enjoying so much! I think it is more the guilt of actually seeing how many things I can end up putting before my time with God. It can be very discouraging to realize that you could be putting forth a better effort to keep a commitment to God.

I just want you to know if I don't post in the next day or so, it isn't that I am not reading or I have given up. Apparently, someone opened my phone bill and didn't put it in my mailbox until late today and my bill is OVERDUE. Ugh! So first thing in the morning I have to hope and pray I get to it in time.

I want each of you to realize something that I am showing you the perfect example of... it doesn't matter what it is... if you are trying to do something for God, every distraction will suddenly appear in your life to throw you off track. Be prepared for that. Take on the full armor of God and plunge forward! (I am preaching to myself, by the way, if you haven't noticed.)

I look forward to hear what God is showing you through your reading! Let's keep encouraging each other.

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