Sunday, May 24, 2009

SHINE Challenge: Day 5

No, you won't see a video today. Why? Cause I didn't take the time to do it like I should, and honestly... I am just too tired to post a video tonight... Besides, since this is a day of rest, I will give you a day of rest from seeing this ugly face!!! LOL

Seriously, it is almost midnight and I haven't read my 23 pages yet today. I have read.. just not the amount I need to on a daily basis. I was actually feeling defeated because I didn't read my allotted amount and then I was reminded of something. My goal wasn't to read 23 pages a day, but to read through the Bible in 90 days. The magic number of "23" is just to help me manage the time better to get through without getting overwhelmed and behind.

I have spent the day in God's presence. God's presence was in our church service today. I learned things through my scripture reading. And I had an AWESOME time sharing the things I have read with a friend who shared some insights God is revealing to her as well. 

Isn't that the goal? Not to read 12 or 23 or however many pages a day, but make a commitment to reading through the Bible in a short time period to really get the full effect of the scriptures and get closer to God.

I was going to push and try to stay up, finish my daily goal of 23 pages, and then push to make a video of how it went. Honestly, I think God will get more glory from me just being honest and telling you that I am going to bed and spending a little extra time to catch up what I didn't finish today and keep going. I would much rather be fresh and enjoy reading; gain perspectives on what is written; and truly hide God's word on my heart.

So, until tomorrow. Keep up the good work and enjoy the journey of drawing closer to Him!

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