Monday, May 25, 2009

SHINE Challenge: Day 6

And the downward spiral begins! Yes, the one thing I have promised to do is to be real with you through SHINE. It is now almost midnight and once again, I have not COMPLETED my allotted reading or made a video to post.

Today has been a very lazy day, so there really are no viable excuses. I did spend my morning in devotions. I read quite a bit of the challenge reading, but did not complete where I "should" be today. God showed me some neat things in my regular devotions that were very personal. I was able to spend some time in prayer that I normally tend to rush. So, I guess I am just still playing catch up to the schedule to complete my reading in the 90 days.

I don't want to let any of you down. I could have read everything tonight. I spent time on the computer.. yes FARM TOWN  conveniently has become addictive about the time this challenge begun. IMAGINE THAT!?!?! But don't think I sat on that all day. (Let me just justify myself a bit.. LOL

I was able to spend some one-on-one time with each of my kids today. I was discouraged because one-on-one time tends to become "let's argue about something" time with a teenager. But, God is helping me to take a deep breath when I would otherwise like to wring his (the teenager's, not God's) neck. 

So why didn't I finish? Well it is always interesting how something new comes along to take your attention when you are trying to do something for God. I just didn't prioritize my time like I should. I wonder if any of you struggle with that? It isn't that we consciously think someone or something else is more important than God, our time with Him, or our commitments to Him, but before we know it... the time has slipped away and He no longer ended up the priority on the list.

As I finish out this day, I hope to catch up on my reading so I won't be overwhelmed today. I also plan to really lay out this issue before God and ask for His help in making those moment decisions to put Him first. I think the thing to remember is that God just wants some time with us on a personal level. He wants us to love Him and make time for Him. Let's all try to do better at that this week.

God bless and let's keep shining! 

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