Saturday, March 20, 2010

Eat Less to Bless

I have a food addiction. Yes, I am overweight, but I am not even talking about that. When I go to the grocery store I am almost addicted to a good deal. I have one of the fullest pantries of all my friends. I have a small chest freezer full of food. My refrigerator is packed...yet I still buy food every time I enter a grocery store. It is unfortunately an addiction.

Growing up, food is the one thing we never lacked. Every family even was surrounded with food, fun and fellowship. Gratefully, I have NO IDEA what it is like to go hungry. God has blessed our family in that area, and I am thankful.

Fast food has also become an addiction of sort. Not because I crave to eat it, but because our life is so busy at times, it is just the convenient thing to do. Exhausted from work? Pick up a pizza. Not time to cook before church? The dollar menus sounds great. Like it or not, food has become a bit of a vice in my life that definitely needs some curbing.

While preparing agendas and supplies for a missions trip my boss is taking to Africa, we were talking about feeding some families she will be visiting. We found out that $40 a month would feed a family of about 3-4 people. This amazed me since I can spend $100 in one trip to the grocery store for toilet paper. Then, I was even more amazed when I saw the list of items that one family could live on for a month. Flour, sugar, oil, and a few other items. No seasonings, no chips, no fruits and vegetables... my pantry could probably feed a thrifty family for months. OUCH!!

I am going to challenge you with a challenge God has given me. We ARE blessed. And just because people in other countries are suffering doesn't mean we have to deprive ourselves, but it should open our eyes and make us aware of those around us.

How many times has the woman in the drive through looked like she was having a bad day? How many times have you passed the man that is holding a sign saying, "Will work for food."? How many times have you bought the Big Mac when the double cheeseburger would have satisfied your hunger?

God has been challenging me to "Eat Less to Bless". When I go through the drive through, I order less and hand the lady at the window $5 and tell her God wants her to enjoy lunch today. When I go to the grocery store, I leave the Pepsi (yes for those of you who know me, I HAVE done this, despite my Pepsi addiction).. I leave the Pepsi and hand the bagger who always has a smile money for his lunch. Each time I have been sure to tell the person that God honors a cheerful heart or God wants them to enjoy a blessing from Him.

I am not tooting my horn today... I am challenging you to EAT LESS TO BLESS! Who can you bless with a tiny sacrifice of food today?

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