Friday, March 19, 2010

Wasted Library

A dear friend and I have been working on a project that requires quite a bit of research. One of the things we have been doing is searching the goodwill and bookstores for hidden treasures of books on the subjects we are working on. We have been amazed at how many books we have found with extraordinary content. The most amazing things about the books is that most of them look as if they have never been touched.

Some of the books we have found have a bit of highlighting in them. Many of them have had the owners' name written in the front. A great deal of them will have a note, greeting card, or even a picture tucked away and forgotten between the pages. Still, many of them seem to have just been part of a wasted library and finally handed off to a bargain or thrift shop.

We decided that we would make an inventory of the books we have between us. That way we have an idea of all the resources we have. As I sat last night typing up my inventory, I realized that I have a wasted library as well. Many of the books on my own shelves are untouched, barely read, and sitting waiting to inspire and enlighten me. What a waste!

This morning God spoke to me about another "wasted library" in so many of our lives. This library is contained in one book and has a the best resources available to us. Are you following me yet? How many of you have access to this amazing library, but yet are letting it waste away? Yes, I think you know what I am talking about... it is YOUR Bible! Are you pages worn out and highlighted? Or, do you just have your name written in it to show you own access to it just in case you need it? Do you use it to tuck away special notes, pictures, and even obituaries of special people? Is your library in use?

God really pricked my heart this morning about this amazing resource that is so readily available to us all. It is full of romance, drama, self-help, motivation, mystery, action, history! Yet, we are letting this wonderful library He has given us go to waste! I challenge you today... open up this beautiful book and see what inspiration is there waiting just for you!

Take time right now. Grab your Bible. Close your eyes. Ask God to show you a beautiful story. Open your Bible. Discover the story God has for you today. No more wasted libraries!!!

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