Sunday, March 21, 2010


My son failed to walk. Yes... he did! He failed! He is 14 years old, but he failed to walk.

If you know me, that sounds insane. I have a healthy, handsome, intelligent.....WALKING... fourteen year old son that is gracefully walking into manhood and can walk perfectly fine. So WHY would I say he failed to walk?

My son started walking at a VERY young age. We were in the process of moving when he took his first steps at 7 months old. YES>>> he really did start that early. But... he would take a step or two and then fall. Take a step, fall! Take two steps, fall! Take a step, fall! Take three steps, fall! I think you get the idea. The fact that we were moving and had boxes stacked throughout the house made it a little easier for him because he had a box to garb onto every few steps he took.

BUT.... as I mentioned before... HE FAILED AT WALKING! Yes... you are right, that comment is completely insane. My son walks perfectly now! So why in the world would I say he failed to walk?

I want you to get a good visual on a lesson that I recently learned. I beat myself up over being a failure. Look there God, I screwed up! Oh man... Jesus I fell in that area. There are constantly things that come up in my life where I fail. I started walking.. and FAILED!!!

"Failure isn't messing up...failure is not getting back up!" You see, my son didn't fail at walking. YES, he fell many times. At one point he completely stopped walking after a hard fall and didn't start back until he was nine months old. BUT.... HE GOT BACK UP ONE DAY and started walking again!

Stop looking at the falls in your life as failure. God is being a patient parent. He is letting you take baby steps until you learn how to master that area of your life. You aren't failing until you refuse to get back up.

How refreshing! If we can take on this mindset, how many of us will have the power to stand up to Satan when he accuses us of failure? Will you choose to rebuke Satan when he condemns you with failure? Don't stop walking... don't stop trying! Remember, failure isn't falling, it is refusing to get back up!

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  1. Matthew started walking at 10 months and denae at nine months...both of them early. Didn't want them to, wanted them to be babies. Take care, Denise