Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is Your Pot Big Enough?

Yesterday I talked about growing pains and growth spurts. As I was getting ready today, I looked over at a plant I have in my bathroom. That plant has grown wonderfully; and it is beautiful. But lately, it is looking a bit rough. As I looked at the plant, I remembered what a friend had told me the other day. “You really need to replant that before it dies.”

As I was thinking about that this morning, God gave me some insight to where I have been in my life at times. I have grown to my full potential where I was at. There was nowhere else for me to grow. I came to the point that my roots were on the verge of being root-bound.

I have known for over a month that my plant needed repotted. I have put it off. I like that little pot. It fits perfectly in that little spot where I put it. I don’t want to have to go through the trouble of finding another pot, buying potting soil, repotting it, and finding a new place for it to grow like it has in its current location.

Isn’t that like us? When God has grown us to potential and then decides we are ready to be planted somewhere else… we resist. I like it here God. I know I can grow in this location. I don’t want to have to search for a new pot that I like. I won’t feel as comfortable in a new pot I have to grow into. I don’t like change.

Sometimes we have to make a choice to change. Change isn’t always easy. It means picking up and replanting ourselves. Sometimes it means moving to a new location we aren’t familiar with. Sometimes it means being a little small for the place that gives us room to grow.

Remember, a plan that is root bound won’t grow any more. If God is asking to replant you, let Him do His work. He is the best gardener around. If you haven’t seen any blossoms lately, maybe it is time to be replanted and let God put you where you can have room to take root again.

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