Thursday, August 7, 2008

Author of Perfection

As I have prayed over what to post the past few days, obviously, I have come up with blanks. So, rather than come up with some modern day “parable” or example of something to “drive home” a message, I decided to just share a little piece of my heart today.

The past few weeks have been a personal challenge for me. I have struggled. Not just spiritually, but in many areas of my life: finances, discipline, self-control, self-image, work…just about everything. I have sat and cried, went to work exhausted, and pouted of things in my life that just don’t seem to be fair.

As I was praying over what to put in the blog for today, I read something I wrote in my bible back in May. It says, “Forget about all the things that shouldn’t have happened in my life- God is in the process of rewriting the text of my life.”

I wrote that after reading Psalm 18:20-24 where it talks about God making life complete. What did it take to make it complete? Don’t we all want to be completed? Feel like we have a finished product for once? Actually know what the end of the story is going to say? What does it take for all that?

There are five things that scripture says happened in order for God to rewrite the text of our life. 1.) Place all the pieces of my life before Him. (Hand it over to God.) 2.) Get my act together. (Take personal responsibility.) 3.) Don’t take God for granted. (I think this means praising Him.) 4.) Review the way He works EVERYDAY. (Couldn’t this have something to do with daily devotions?) 5.) Open the book of your heart to His eyes. (Let God examine your life.)

It is often easy to look at our life and just complain about where we are. Depression sets in; we become dissatisfied with everything around us; we get cranky with out husbands and kids; work isn’t fulfilling any more. If you aren’t happy with the story your life is turning out to be, how about letting God take the editors pen. Follow the 5 steps above and really open the book of your heart to His eyes. Let God openly edit the areas of your life that need to be rewritten.

It isn’t always easy to face the things in our life that need changed. Change is hard. But God is the author of perfection, let him create a wonderful story for your life.

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