Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Sit at My Feet

God in His preciousness woke me up this morning just waiting to whisper secrets he’s been wanting to share with me. I love those moments when we just talk back and forth. Times when I hear his voice like a conversation of thoughts that have so much wisdom and the flow is so natural it could only be from Him are invaluable.

You’d think it would be a natural occurrence for me. You’d think I’d wake up early every morning excited to be in His presence. But to be quite honest…I like my sleep! I don’t do mornings well. My body aches and pains make it easier to push snooze than to push myself. It’s something I want to change, but so far the want hasn’t had much success. I just can’t seem to find the energy.

But today was different. Today I felt this presence of joy. Today I felt motivated not just to get up, but to take a morning walk. A walk that turned into an entire day of joy and blessing.

I’d love to share all the insights God gave me today; and maybe one day I will, but there’s was one insight that just brought me to tears.

When I came back from my walk and sat down to recuperate from my excursion, my three dogs all jumped up on the couch wanting my attention.

Moses,was happy just to lay at my feet. He curled up beside me, rested his head at my feet and was content just to be at my there. He didn’t worry much about how the other dogs were acting, he was just happy to be close to me.

My German Shepherd, Jay, wanted me to play with him. If he wasn’t bringing me a squeaky toy endlessly demanding attention, he was burying his head up under my elbow raising my arm to pet him on his timing rather than mine. 

Charlie, our new rescue dog, is a little more personal. He wanted to be right next to me. It wasn’t enough to be at my feet or to play with him. We wasn’t content until he was right up in my face resting on my chest.

All the dogs were competing for my attention one way or another. They all wanted my presence, touch and approval.

Then God spoke…
“That’s all I want Christina!”

He showed me in such a loving way that all He wants is my attention and need for His presence, touch and approval. He wants me to need His love. He wants me to rest at His feet. He wants me to be up in His face!

Could you imagine if we started begging for God’s presence? Could you imagine if we sat more at His feet? Could you imagine if we spent time seeking to be in His face?

Isn’t he a good Master? I don’t always give my dogs the attention they need. Sometimes I’m tired or even annoyed to give them that adequately. But not God! He wants it. It pleases Him when we seek His face, His touch, His interaction, His presence.

Take some time today to reflect on the goodness of the Master. Sit at His feet and rest in Him.

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