Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Revive Me

 Lately I’ve been feeling revival stirring. It’s been stirring all around me. Conversations with other believers, opportunities for evangelism, sermons at church…it’s in the air. And it’s exciting! But to be completely honest, it’s scary as well. Reviving isn’t an easy process. At least not for the individual being revived.

Have you ever watched someone on the verge of death receiving cpr? It can be horrifying. The process of reviving can even cause damage to the ribs that protect our most important organs. Yet, it’s necessary in order to reach deep enough to pump the heart hard enough to spark the blood to start flowing again.

To revive means:

  • regain life, consciousness, or strength.
  • give new strength or energy to.

How many of us need to regain our spiritual energy and strength? How many of us need to regain life or even a greater spiritual consciousness?

Look at this photo:

God gave me such a beautiful vision of revival. I saw a body laying on the ground, heart stopped, no breath in the lungs…lifeless. And then I saw my Heavenly Father leaning over the lifeless body and pressing in pumping the heart and breathing into the lungs. With each compression of the heart ribs were cracking but the flow of blood began pumping through the arteries again. Jesus’s blood began cleaning out the stopped up arteries. The very breath of Yahweh filled the lungs! 

The person being revived does NOTHING! They just have to allow the work to be done. Quit trying so hard to make it happen. Just allow God to do his work in you!

As I thought about the ribs, that protect the heart, lungs, and other vital organs, God gave me such a beautiful insight. After a revival, Satan comes in to try to steal our life again, because he knows our protective cage has been broken. He knows we are vulnerable. Why would God allow us to be so vulnerable just after reviving us?

You see, ribs can be broken after preforming cpr because in order to go deep enough to reach the depths of our heart to get blood to start flowing again… sometimes we have to be broken to reach the depths of our spiritual heart to allow Jesus to freely flow in our lives again. And although our protective bones are broken, it allows God to heal us more perfectly in his timing. And although Satan feels we are unprotected, we are able to fight him more effectively because of the better flow of Jesus in our life.

Satan doesn’t want revival because it brings us life. Instead of having a physical cpr… we experience a spiritual cpr. Christ’s Power Revives…CPR.

If you are feeling dead spiritually, take a moment and ask for an awakening of the power of Jesus in your life.

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