Friday, August 15, 2014

Violent Christians

Should Christians be violent?

Last night at our women's Awakened Worship Encounter, our pastors delivered a message entitled, "The Call to Violence." In short, the theme of the message was from Matthew 11:12 and the fact that we are called to be violent contenders for our callings... mainly the call to on our lives and the kingdom of heaven.
The points of the message were that Violent Ones: 1) Keep themselves from offense, 2) Contend for the faith, and 3) Prosper during oppression.
I have been doing a word study on The Lord's Prayer and had already been looking at the meanings of "kingdom." So this morning, I began with a word study on "violence" and ended up right back at "kingdom" as I pressed through some of the message.

The violent man comes from the word "biastes" which means: one who is eager in pursuit, positive assertiveness, fired-up. And, it comes from the root word "biazo" which means: to lay hold of with positive aggressiveness.

OH THAT WE BE VIOLENT when it comes to the kingdom!

But what about the word "kingdom"? One of the meanings... was from the word "basileia" which means: authority of God. And "heaven"... the root meaning can be translated as "a covering."

I know that's a lot of information.. but THIS is what God gave me from this... you can call it a "Christina" translation.

"We need to be all fired up in eager pursuit of the covering of God's authority in our lives and the callings He has placed on our lives!"
The neatest thing, I have been reading #IWantGod and that is what it is all about. Let's be violent!!! Will you join me?

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