Thursday, August 14, 2014

I Want God

I am privileged to get to be part of Lisa Whittle's book launch of her latest book, "I Want God." I have to say, the words within this book are part of the reason you are finding my words on the screen in front of you. The deep revival that is brewing in my soul is partly because of this book and ALL because of God's timeliness.

It is with great honor I will get to share her words of inspiration and how they are playing a role in my spiritual journey toward revival as well. Tonight a friend treated me to a meal out before our women's service at our main campus of The Refuge. The coolest thing about it...
these words from the book...were already planted in my soul and then the message just followed up the concept.
I just love God's faithfulness.

What better way to do a little book promotion and God promotion?

So after enjoying my delicious Philly Cheese Steak, I'm hoping that someone there will read it and  find a little more of God too. God has shown me that all the skills I am learning about marketing while I am back in school, can be used to advance the kingdom as well. And... do you see that plate of delicious food? 

I may as well do a little marketing for Afton Tavern as well. This restaurant has supported the youth in our church this summer by giving them cards for their delicious cookie skillets to sell as a fundraiser. Many of our youth were able to attend and experience their own revival because of this generosity.

God uses all kinds of people in all kinds of places. The question is, Do we WANT GOD enough to let Him use us? #IWantGod Do you want him too?

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