Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What If?

What if I lose my house? What if my kids get hurt? What if he never talks to me again? What if... what if? Do you live in fear of the "What ifs" of life?

I, too, struggle sometimes with the "What ifs" of life. The most recent "what if" has become so haunting, it almost makes me sick to think about it. It isn't that I don't trust God, but I fear getting to the point that it is too hard and I somehow stop trusting. What if I am not strong enough during the next trial?

First of all, it isn't about my strength, but God's. I know that. But I want to share with you an AMAZING quote I heard from Beth Moore this weekend.

" God's grace is given according to our need- not what we have made up out of our fear!"

Whoa! Oh yes, I remember the verse that says that His grace is sufficient for our needs. And yes, every time I have needed Him...he has given me sufficient grace. It is no wonder I get sick from fear of the "What ifs" of life. God makes no promises on the might happen. He has promised to care for us during the sure thing. Because God's promises are truth!

You see, Satan would love to scare us into the trap of holding onto fears. Satan's is a liar. Therefore, his "what if" fears are lies as well. The next time you find yourself in the debate of "What if" and feel yourself getting sick with dread, remember...if you fear it, Satan is just trying to scare you. Don't forget, if you need it, God will give you the grace.

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