Thursday, October 7, 2010

Who's Your Witness?

My teenage son asked me a question last night. It was one of those questions that you know the answer in your heart, but can't seem to put it into words. It was one of those questions you secretly hope no one asks, especially your children. He said, "Mom, why do you believe what you believe?"

You have to understand a little about my son. He is a highly intelligent kid, mature beyond his years in many things- yet he has an inquisitive and quite argumentative spirit about him. He likes things PROVED! I think it is his scientific brain (which obviously comes from his father). He loves learning, but often struggles with the things he is taught in public school. Why? Because he sees the reason behind it, but knows it is so far from what I have taught him in our Christian home.

WOW!!! How do you answer that? Many people use the Bible to support their answers and would rattle off a scripturally accurate account of "because Christ dies for us" or the Bible says that "all have sinned and fall short"... you know the answers I am talking about. But I know that one thing I have learned with anyone who thinks as logically and scientifically as my son.. using the Bible which "I" know is God's infallible Word is not going to work because you have to believe that it IS His Word before you use it as evidence for your argument.

My answer to him came from my personal experience with God. The ways I have seen my life change because of His presence and guiding in my life. The joy that I have from ONLY His touch in my life. And the list goes on...

As I was thinking about the conversation, I was reminded of a scripture from Romans. I have recently been studying Romans and have been amazed at just how little snippets mean so much. In Romans 1:9, Paul says, "For God is my witness.." Think about the value and importance of those 5 little words. He is writing the Romans, and educated bunch for sure. I can imagine they probably wanted proof of all the things Paul had to say. His simple words, "for God is my witness."

Why do I believe what I believe? For God is my witness! Simply said! Who is your witness?

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