Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a Flicker

What kind of light do you have that can shine? What light are you spreading?

Do you have a HUGE sun that is fiery and constantly burning? Do you have a city full of lights like NYC on New Year's Eve? Do you have a fluorescent light shining in a department store? Do you have a lamp shining on the bedside table? Do you have a flashlight casting light to the path ahead? Do you have a candle burning to the wick's end? Do you have a match that is ready to light a flame anywhere?

God reminded me tonight that to SHINE for Him, doesn't mean I have to be burning like fire. It doesn't mean I have to have this HUGE program reaching thousands of people. As I finished a phone call in prayer with dear friend going through a trial, God so gently reminded me what it means to truly SHINE for Him.

It is just one little light... it is just one little light that can make the difference. As that thought crossed my mind I looked up and saw my living room chandelier that has been having "technical difficulties" for the past few weeks. Some days, there is only one little light that is shining. I didn't even realize so many bulbs needed changed until the power flickered the other day. When it flickered, suddenly the other lights came on and the room suddenly became brighter.

Where is God wanting you to flicker today? Yes, we are to SHINE.. because light to a dark world is a testimony to God's goodness. BUT... if you don't have the energy or the confidence to SHINE... don't sweat it yet. God will be building you into the light He wants you to become. Be satisfied to be just a flicker today. When you flicker... someone will see what they have been missing. When you share a little flicker with them... even just for a moment, it will be a reminder of God's awesome power in your life... and it will give someone... a little flicker of hope.

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