Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bad Day?

It's a bad day. There really isn't anything bad about it, it's just a bad day. Do you ever feel like that? Is that the kind of day you are having today? Is the sun shining everywhere around you, but clouds seem to be hovering over your head? I'm right there with you.

One thing I promised when God called me to this, is that I would be real. That has meant raw honesty. It has meant months and even year delays between posts. It has meant throwing my heart and soul out there to be judged. My greatest hope is that it has also meant being real so that other "normal" people like me know they aren't alone in this walk with God. It means not having to feel like a super-Christian to know you are loved by a Heavenly Father.

So, today... I am real!

My brain is running wild. My emotions are like a body tied to a railroad track just waiting in anxiety for the next train to come to and tear it to pieces. My physical body yearns for a permanent place under the covers to catch up on the much needed sleep that I can never get caught up on.

How can I focus on my day? the things I need to accomplish? much less GOD? I feel defeated. I feel insignificant. I feel overwhelmed. I feel like a failure on so many levels. I...I....I....I want to give up.

Are you there? Maybe you aren't "normal" like I am. Maybe your life is perfect and you can easily fight through every emotion and difficulty that comes your way with ease...but if so... watch out. You are perfected so be ready for God to call you home any minute. (A little sarcasm there, if you didn't notice.)

My point is. You aren't alone, and neither am I. So what do we do?

PRAISE!!! Yes, praise HIM! It isn't about me...me...me or you...you...you. It's all about HIM and who HE is! If we could just remember that when our feelings, emotions, and weary physically bodies want to trap us in pit of US. I may FEEL overwhelmed. I may FEEL exhausted. I may FEEL overwhelmed. I may FEEL like giving up. (Can I get an AMEN? I know you are having that kind of day too or your wouldn't still be reading this. Because it is God who instructed these words to come off my fingertips this morning.)

Who is God? Is He worthy to be praised? Let me hear a resounding, "YES!" Turn on some praise music and read this verse:

"God, my strength, my stronghold, my safe retreat when trouble descends." -Jeremiah 16:19

THAT is who HE is: our strength when our bodies are weak; our stronghold when our minds want to defeat us: our safe retreat when the troubles that want to make u give up descend. And THAT, is worthy of praise!

I just heard a song whose words resonate with me today... "Your grace is enough for me."

Take a deep breath. PRAISE GOD. Let His grace be enough for you today.

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